By Lo Cole

What if you were born to stand out, but longed to blend in?

Being a bright red elephant, Doris is VERY easy to spot. Can you see her? Of course you can. But Doris is shy – she just wants to lose herself in a colourful crowd. Come on a journey of self-discovery as one little elephant comes to appreciate her own specialness. A colourful adventure that will entrance even the youngest children.

Format: Paperback
Ageband: 2 to 5
Release Date: 04 Jul 2024
Pages: 32
ISBN: 978-1-915395-08-5
About Lo Cole: a weekly contributor to The Guardian and The Economist, Lo trained as a print-maker. Doris is his second children’s book. The artwork from his first, We Want a Dog, was selected by The Society of Illustrators for their 2021 New York exhibition. Location: Gloucestershire, UK.

”'This adorable little elephant has a lot to teach us about being happy in ourselves. Watch out Elmer there’s a new elephant in town!” - Lovereading4kids, book of the month

”'Delightful!” - Play to Learn

”'The perfect book for reading aloud.'” - Little Library Owl

”'Doris, you’ve wandered into our hearts! Absolutely dazzling!” - TeenyReaders

”'Doris is a delight!” - Ewan Shepherd, Waterstones bookseller

”'Beautiful book… the message behind the book is all about being able to stand out (not that my daughter has an issue with that.” - Jonathan Greenwood, Waterstones bookseller

”'Don’t lose yourself while trying to fit in.” - Lottie, Waterstones bookseller

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