Grandad’s Star

By Frances Tosdevin, Illustrated by Rhian Stone

What if your guide to the cosmos starts to lose his way?

Fascinated by her grandad, a famous astronomer, a little girl could listen to his star stories for hours. But one day he starts to forget the constellations and eventually he can’t even remember her name. Discover how love can reach across galaxies whether stars shine brightly or grow dim.

Format: Hardback
Ageband: 3 to 6
Release Date: 04 Jul 2024
Pages: 32
ISBN: 978-1-915395-10-8
Frances Tosdevin’s picture books, like poetry, are essential to read aloud. Having published two tales, she has already been shortlisted five times for prestigious picture book awards.Rhian is a self-taught illustrator who grew up on a diet of magic, folklore and myth. She works in gouche, pencil and pastel. Grandad’s Star is her debut book.